Friday, August 29, 2008

The jerkification of kids.

When do kids become jerks?

Now I know that some of you are going to think that I am Miss Suzy Sunshine, living in a land of lollypops and cotton candy clouds, and that I should just wake up, but hear me out.

My son is pretty social. He thinks everyone is his friend and he loves to play with anyone. He would play with them if they had one eye, no legs or whatever. That is the age he is at, that is the beauty of 4. He isn't jaded.....yet.

We were at the park today, and he spys a group of 4 kids that instantly become his "friends." He starts to play with them (following, trying to keep up). All is good for about 10 minutes. Then I hear from one of them (the younger of the 2 girls) "Go Away. You are annoying." Now Guyser has no idea what "annoying" is, or why anyone would not want to play with him. He's 4. Everyone is friends, right? I just gently suggest he come play something else. He reluctantly does. Only then to be followed by 2 of the kids! What gives? Tell him to leave, but then follow him? I struggled, "Do I say something to them? Do I not? " (Sidenote: the seemingly normal looking mother was just out of earshot of all this).

I know, some people will be like, "Its just kids!! Welcome to reality!!'" My point is, when do they transform from "I love everyone! Hooray for everybody." To "Go away, we don't like you. You are stupid. You are annoying."??

Just made me sad.

Heres the kicker though: The mom came and rounded her crew up to leave, and said "Say goodbye to your friend." The "vocal" little girl pipes up: "No... he's mean. We don't like him."
The gasp from the mother as she realizes I hear all this was a bit of redemptive sweetness.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The babes

It has been a really long time since I have posted, so here are the babes. Geyser catching toads at the lake, and Baby girl (who is now walking) trying out her daddy's tractor.

Reality check

My friend Bec called the other day. She said, "Oh your hubby must be home, I hear him."

That is Steve.
The other man in my life.

He lives with a dog named Blue.

And now you know my reality.


May? that was the last post? seriously? my gosh.... I have felt busy, but I guess that just proves it. I will spare you the details, but yes, I am alive... barely. I think I am breathing. and am just waiting to exhale.