Friday, August 31, 2007

Who knew political B.S. even is interested in your breasts??

I just read this article: and it has to do with breastfeeding campaign and the way that the formula lobbiest had enough power to change the whole campaign. Personally I find it disgusting.... why can't they just leave something that is SO natural and healthy alone? I realize that it is all about the almighty dollar, and I guess that is what is repulsive about the whole thing....Anyway, its a long read but interesting...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Itsty Bitsy Spider

Spidey is living off our front steps...wish i would have put something up to show his size, but its big!! Guyser noticed him first...big surprise!

Whats that noise?

Oh, its silence! The Guyser went to G'ma and G'pa's house for the week. It is wonderful to be sleeping in!!! I think Baby Girl is liking all her extra snuggle time and attention! I have big plans for the week (which involves a whole lot of bleach and my basement...) we'll see how much I get done...We have watched a couple movies and had a date friday... We saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Matt Damon.... yummy.......I am sorry my posts are sort of bland lately... I DO have interesting thoughts, really I do! I just usually lose them by the time I have a minute to sit down and post! So I will just entertain you with adorable pictures!

Whoa! Watch me tip over!!


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Its my potty...

I hate potty training. No really... HAAATE it... I would take Guyser teething all over again over this! His latest thing is this: He poops in his pull up or diaper, and then wants to flush it away. Well, I have gotten to him before the "deposit"... until today. I was delayed b/c of nursing Baby Girl, and by the time I got to the bathroom, he was in the process of trying to "deposit" his poo in the potty.... The problem was the consistency of the "deposit!" Just use your imagination....Needless to say, He went into the bathtub immediately! I can't get frustrated with him, b/c he at least has a part of the process down, and I don't want to stifle that... its just that..... ARGH!!!! JUST POOP ON THE POTTY ALREADY!!!!

The joys of mommyhood!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Update from Crazytown

The Guyser on "Major Damage." Not too impressed with it thus far....


It has been a while since my last post, sorry! Life seems to be in fast forward, and I am learning on how to survive at this pace. Here is a recap of recent things I've learned or done.

* The Guyser is now 3!! We got him a bike (because he was riding one at the farm in July) but he isn't too thrilled about it... won't ride it, but won't let us put it away either... go figure

*Baby Girl likes her new & improved esophagus. We started her on Prevacid for acid reflux/esophagitis and she is a diferent baby! No more screaming for hours on end!

*Don't EVER clean the toliet in front of your 3 year old. He will then "clean" it again for you and you will have toliet water ALL over you bathroom! That brush sure can spread a lot of water around!

*We are being attacked. Ok, not really, but the blitzkrieg of acorns is getting a bit old! I have been hit, Guyser's been hit, Baby Girl has survived the attacks. Walking on the sidewalk is like walking on a marble wasn't like this at all last year!

*30 year old School House Rock songs are THE thing around here! Guyser LOVES "jonshon jonshon" show (Conjuction Junction). AND it is one video I don't feel too guilty about letting him watch! He dances to Conjunction Junction and Elbow Room and likes the groovy 70's music that is in most of the other cartoons!

*I am tired... Exhausted to be exact. After going 2 months of sleeping 3-4 hours a night, Baby Girl is now waking every 2 hours. I am hoping it is a growth spurt and will pass... soon.... I must be really tired. The other morning I looked in the fridge, and I had put my ice cream in there instead of the freezer! It was Ben and Jerry's too! DOH!

*The Hubby is catching babies left and right this month. Not as bad as our good friend LJ, she has caught 23 babies on 3 nights of call, at her program in Texas.... a cold snap must have went through there last November.....Crazy!

That is what is known around here!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

sunday, rainy sunday...

Its been rainy here for two days.. kind of depressing. The Hubby has been on call two... makes it even more of a bummer. We watched a good movie last night though, it was called "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg. He is becoming a pretty good actor for a New Kid on the Block.....Anyway, my bestest friend was here last week and it was SO good to see her! Big Sky country is far too far away!!! Here are some pics she took with her camera. Baby Girl managed to give us a few smiles while she was here!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yeah.... that worked.....

Surprise. MommyTime fell through. The Hubby was going to be nice and help a first year with her first delivery on her first night of call, since the first delivery up to bat (of 6 pending) was a twin birth.... So we waited around... finally I said, "Call up there and see how long, so I know when I can leave." Well, the lady had already delivered, hence I had wasted the night. Tonight we will try again.... for the sake of my sanity here is hoping it goes well! I am wondering if Baby Girl has some reflux... she seems to be "chewing her cud" a lot. She will be SOUND asleep and I will lay her down. She will wake up SCREAMING 5-10 minutes later.... I am willing to jump on the prevacid bandwagon just to see if it helps... I haven't noticed much with the simethicon.....OH, we had POOP in the POTTY today!!!! So, when Daddy gets home, we get to go to the store to buy a car! Hurray!......I wonder if this is a one time wonder.... we will see.... Anyway, here is a shot from last night...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Apparently there were a lot of people who were very thankful last November... especially thankful to or for their spouse.... The Hubby started his OB rotation today and said the OB book (where they list the upcoming expected deliveries) is HUGE... he is also covering two other doc's OB patients both have moms due any day now. He is also on call this weekend.... I don't think I will be seeing much of him.. Therefore I have told him for my sanity, I need some "Mommy Time" the next couple evenings!......I have big plans... we'll see what happens.....