Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now I am accountable

So I am putting this out there into bloggerworld. I have been a little busy and preoccupied lately because I am starting to train to run the Fargo HALF Marathon. Now what in the world would possess me to do this? Guilt. And Fear of Mockery. Oh, and looking at the scale after the month of (I will take solace in Whoppers) December. See, my one brother has ran the 1/2 the last two years. Last year, all my brothers ran it, and my sister-in-law. And well, they are old. So, I figured since this year, I am not pregnant, and just a hint out of my twenties, I should be able to do this! Now, I have never really been a runner. Yes, I was part of the tres cool "Rockets" track team in 7th grade. (Didn't go out in 8th... something about 'You've almost beaten Tasha at the 100 meter hurdles' and remembering that I wasn't going to define myself by whether or not I could beat Ms. G at the 100.....but I digress....) No, this body wasn't really built for running distance. Heavy lifting, toning fast, much muscle mass? Yes, but do I look like a gazelle? No.. more like a hippopotamus. But I haven't let that stop me much. I just started running. I am up to 4 miles, which I am proud of, but it needs to warm up FAST because 40 times (give or take a few laps, because I can't count) around the track at the Y is getting REALLY boring. And I have to say that now I look forward to the runs. I like the "runners high" that kicks in around 20 minutes into the run. I like, no LOVE my new MP3 player that keeps me moving. Anyway that is what I am up to these days. I'll keep you posted as the progress. Oh, one last thing. I think this is funny. At the "carb feed" the night before the race, they serve Lefse! Thats North Dakota fer ya!!! :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A couple inches of snow and a whole lotta stupid

The Hubby came home this afternoon to get the car to use to go see patients in the nursing home. I hear him come in the door and say....."Uh.....Nan........" I didn't know what was going on until I looked out the window and THIS was the problem! I realize that we have had some snow last night and today, but seriously, where did this driver think the driveway that leads from the massive garage go???
How unobservant is this driver?????
He couldn't have parked more squarely in front of the driveway if he or she tried!

There is sweet redemption in towing!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Artist vs. businesswoman

The other night I went out to make beads. I sat there for a long time in a creative block. Here is what I was struggling with: as my skills get better, as do my beads, I feel like making things I have already done (and have sold) is cheating. I realize this sounds ridiculous and, well, not sound businesslike. But it is the truth. I feel like I should always be creating, experimenting, trying something new, challenging myself.... and the more I do that, and the easier past beads become, the more I feel like "Ahh.. that design is too easy, I can't sell that." But the reality, I realize, is that its easy for me... not the buyer. They love the beads that I find, now, easy to create. So, I end up sitting at my bench for 15 minutes making nothing. Does this make sense to any other artist-types out there?? Maybe the key is to set aside "Production time" and "Experimental time." Any ideas?

Big Mac, Filet-o-fish, Tall skinny soy Latte

So, apparently McDonalds is going to expand into the barista business and challenge Starbucks in the coffee arena. As if screwing up a #5 with a Diet Coke isn't enough, they think their workers are really going to be able to serve up a Tall Skinny Soy Hazelnut Latte with a double shot???? Seriously, 3/4 of the times they can't even get apple dippers in the Happy Meal instead of the fries! I can only think that this venture is bound to tank.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bottom dweller 1 & 2

Like Brother, Like Sister.....
bottom dwelling for leftovers....