Monday, November 28, 2005

New Pet Peeve

While doing the post-holiday cleaning of the bathrooms, I have found my newest pet peeve. Why do the toothbrush companies now make toothbrushes that don't fit into a standard, ceramic-get-at-Target- toothbrush holder?!?! Seems to me to be a conspiracy.....

Friday, November 25, 2005

The problem with our economic system.

I think I have discovered the problem with the US economic system. Someone please explain to me how a 15 month old is "Preapproved for Platinum Visa, 0% apr"!!!!! So, we are filling it out, complete with his occupation of "Toddler" and annual income of "whatever Gramps gives me" on the application. You have to love the desperation of credit card companies!

Cool Movie

So for Turkey Day, we watched the Walmart Movie
I can't even describe the disgust I felt as I watched that movie. All I am saying is rent it, buy it but WATCH IT.
For those of you in the media (hint hint) it is definately worth watching, and commenting on.
(The commericals for the movie are pretty darn funny too.)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One more Wakeup!

I have been a single mom for almost 3 weeks now. Tomorrow I fly to see my hubby, sans child. I am a bit nervous about leaving the babe, since I have only been apart from him for, oh, 26 hours in his lifetime. But I am SOOOOO looking forward to seeing my hubby, and sleeping. OH! Blissful Sleep, how I have missed you!!! You are the drug I crave. That, and eating a meal out....uninterrupted by thrown tippy-cups and gooey hands on my clothing. Hopefully the hubby and I will remember how to have a conversation!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How long can a throat be sore?

5 weeks. 5 long weeks I have been dealing with this stupid sore throat. How long can it last? Sure, I COULD go to the doctor... to be told "Its a virus." Lots of fluid and ibuprofen. Or I can continue to complain that my throat hurts, to whomever asks me how I am feeling. I think I will go with the second option. But really, what do I have SuperVirus?

"Stronger than Chloroseptic! Able to inflame nodes for a 5 week period!" It's SUPERVIRUS!


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

an eye for pie....

I don't bake. I cook.. in fact I cook well. However, I don't bake. Why? Because a tornado through my kitchen would make less mess than I do when I bake. For some reason, me and flour don't get along, at all... the kitchen usually resembles a first snowfall by the time I'm done. Every bowl I own, as well as measuring cup, somehow finds its way out and inhabits every nook of my oh so small cupboard space. That said, our apt. complex had this hokey pie tastin' contest with first place being 100 bucks off of the rent. Everyone can use an extra hundred bucks, so I thought "why not." Well, I am now the reigning "Peakview Pie Champion." Not bad, considering the pie wasn't really even done! (It was supposed to be cool and "set up.") However, this still doesn't mean that I bake.