Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Be Aware... they just LOOK innocent....

I recieved squirty bath toys, like these from several different people for The Guyser to play with during his bath. They are cute animal shapes that allow you to squirt water and have fun. Mr. Whale was used when he was an infant to wash and rinse his hair. I use them now to squirt him and make him giggle.

Everything is fun and great, until one bathtime.... last nights' to be exact. Suddenly, Mr. Octopus starts spewing from his perma-smile this black, disgusting material. After his lobotomy, I discovered that Mr. Octopus was full of mildew/mold. YUCK. Anyone who has a child knows that the bathtub toys are a permanent fixture in the tub. If you need the tub, you shove them aside, if you shower, you step over them. Like anyone really takes the time to squeeze all the water out of Mr. Elephant and Mr. Hippo, and dry them properly. And WHO thought to put a bunch of crevices and angles in these things, so that the Mr. Mildew can REALLY get trapped??

Today, all the little animals spent a day floating and swimming in Mr. Clorox.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Congratulations Hubby!!!

This is a photo of my Hubby getting his hood during his medical school graduation. Those of you who have followed us on this journey know it was not easy. It required a leap of faith to an island in the middle of the ocean, and many moves and obstacles after that. Being with him every step of the way, I know at times he struggled with why he was even doing this. But, seeing the smile on his face at graduation was one of the best moments of our marriage. I am SO proud of him, for conquering fears and seeking his dream. I am so proud to know him, and love him. I know that as a physician, he is going to be well respected by both his patients and his peers.
Congratulations Hon!!! I love you and am SO proud of you!!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Back from the east

We have been gone for almost 2 weeks. We were out in the Boston area for the hubby's medical school graduation! Hooray!! for him! It has been a long road, but I am so proud of him. We saw the sights of Boston, Salem, Plymouth and some of Cape Cod. The bummer of the trip was there was only 2 days we had, that it didn't rain. That part was crappy. We are home now, and the Guyser and the Hubby both have some bad bad stomach thing going on. Here is hoping I don't get it too....