Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My favorite quote

Here is my favorite quote, as of today....
"If Scooby Doo has taught me anything, the only thing I have to fear is crooked real estate developers."
- Lisa Simpson

Monday, January 30, 2006

Road Trip Review

We set out before 6am (ugh!) on Thursday to drive from northern Colorado to eastern North Dakota. Here are some thoughts...

* MAJOR Kudos go out to the Babe for sitting his little keister in that carseat for over 12 hours (each way!) and being a trooper! There was barely a complaint from his direction! Ok, he may have gained 3 pounds each way with the amount of crap he ate, but oh well!

* Since the Hubby met up with 2 of the 4 states' (CO, WY, SD, ND) "Finest" on our holiday trip last month, I was wondering if he would meet up with the 2 he had missed... but alas, he must have worn lighter shoes...

* The Babe figured out how to crawl out of the pack-n-play.... I thought we would be fine once we got back here, and he was in his crib. This morning he proved me wrong. My life as I know it, is over.

* We would like to thank the drivers of ND for not having to drive up our tailpipe, which is the norm here in CO. AND you acknowledge a turn signal.. WOW! What a novel idea!!

* To the bowling alley in Elgin: That was the BEST cheeseburger we have had in a long time! I guess that is what you get when you are in cattle country!

* While enjoying a Subway sub in WY, my husband found a paperclip in his sandwich! You might expect a hair, or even a finger! But a paperclip?!?!

* I know many would think that this drive would be one of the most boring on earth. However, I do find it amazing that the land we drive through, in some areas is virtually unchanged; it is as it has always been. I find it cool to think that you can look out onto that prairie, and if you really try, you could imagine herds of bison; in trees by a creek, you could see an Indian village. I find that amazing about this area of the country. The Black Hills of SD are magical. It really is no surprise it was a holy place for the Lakota. There is so much history throughout this drive, and unlike some places in the country, where it is hard to imagine what it must have been like, here, it isn't really too hard to imagine.

More Later... Maybe.....soooooooo tired......

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Good in theory....

I have to give credit to MantaRay for finding this site for me! Now, while maybe a good idea on paper, don't we all know what candy does in our moist palms, much less..... well, you get the picture!


IS a thermostat grounds for divorce?


So I was watching a bit of the ol' tele last night, and on comes one of those "More you know" public service announcements. And wouldn't you know, it's the famous guy from back home staring "Vegas."
'nuff said.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Kudos to my Big Brother

Big thanks go out to Big Brother #3, for edjumakating me yesterday in the field of...err.....excremental vengence. It is good to know that Master's degree is being put to very good use!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Skating with the Stars, with stitches

Those of you who know me, know I used to skate (ice/figure, not roller). I skated a loooooong time. From ages 4 until 18ish. I now have a love/hate relationship with the sport. I will spare you all the details, but frankly, I will teach my kids to skate, should they desire, but it is not a sport I will encourage. Sparing you my mixed emotions of something I spent soooooooo many years doing, I am pumped to watch Fox's new reality (sure it is) show, Skating with the Stars. Why? Completely and entirely to see them wipe-out! Watch out for those toe-picks!! Maybe it goes back to my soapbox of: just because one can sing, doesn't make one an actor, and vice versa. Just because one can shoot hoops, doesn't make one an actor. and just because one is a bubble headed idiot on Good Day LA! doesn't make one a skater. Let the lacerations and bruising begin!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Just a thought...

Yesterday I got THREE automated telemarketing calls. It made me sigh. These companies make recordings that start playing when you answer. They can't even resort to using actual humans to carry out their annoying tactics anymore. I hate telemarketing phonecalls, so at least I used to get a small bit of satisfaction by hanging up on a human, someone who may have actually had a reaction to my irritation. Now, it is just a recording... gone are the days of my small satisfactions.

Monday, January 09, 2006

My Dream Vacation

In my transition to motherhood, I can honestly say the selfish thing that I most greatly miss, is sleep. I am a self proclaimed, proud, not-ashamed- to-admit-it, Night Owl. I don't understand why our society looks at people who (it's been biologically proven) are hardwired to perform better in the dark of night, with disdain and as a lesser individual? I have always hit my most creative peak going on 9 pm. I was one who could work a 12 hour night shift on 4 hours of sleep. However, should I have to awaken before the good God ever intended, to be at work at 6:30am, and had not received a solid 8 hours of sleep the night before, you would find me praying to porcelin in the bathroom. It was the opposite for some of my coworkers; 3am would roll around, and they would be pushing back naseau.

Anyway, knowing this is how I biologically am, how I have always been, I of course married a Morning Dove. Then gave birth to a Morning Dove. (Gratefully my baby Morning Dove isn't wired to arise at 5am, like my nephew... Maybe he isn't a Dove, but a Rooster!) Maybe it isn't even the sleep I miss, but the ability to awaken on my own accord. In the past year and a half, the number of A: nights I have slept without being awoken at least once, and B: the number of mornings I have gotten to sleep until my body says "Wake up sleepyhead!" has been less than a dozen. I know that.

I know some of you will say, "Well just go to bed earlier!" However, when your toddler doesn't go down until sometime between 7:30-8:30, that then leaves you with 2-2.5 hours to do whatever you want, like watch a movie uninterrupted, as a couple! And before you know it, its 11:30 or later, and at 4am, I awaken to a cat on my chest, one on my side, and one on my feet who have decided the snack bar should be opened. So I get up to kick them out, and then it is 7 am. Thus this is my life.

Some dream of a vacation as a sunny island, a ski slope, maybe a cruise. For me, my bed, my quilt I have had since I was 8 or 10, and a week of 8 to 10 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep, where I wake up on my own, and maybe even dream! That is the vacation for which I long! Funny how priorities change with motherhood!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Holiday Pictures

We are back from our "Holiday in the Dakota's" tour. The cats are great, alive, and fat, and were very happy to see us... and feed them again. Why does it seem when we go someplace, that I think I take a bunch of pictures, and then we get back here, and I realize, "That' ALL I took?!" I hate that...anyway, here are some ones I like!
Yogurt: Why use a spoon, when you can drink it??

First time on skates! He had a blast... my back on the other hand.....

I love this picture. Here is the babe, and my 92 year old Grandfather -in-law, his name sake.

Finally big enough to try out the tractor.

Being this cute is EXHAUSTING!!