Thursday, April 27, 2006

Life on the farm, is kinda laid back....

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures! The Guyser is loving all of his "adventures" out here. He is so busy, it results in 3 hour naps! His Daddy is as happy as he could be. The old statement, "You can take the boy off the farm, but never the farm out of the boy" is true in this household.

The Guyser helping drive the big green tractor!
Enjoying a snack of beef jerkey with Dad.

Going for one of many, many, rides with Mom.

"Today, I had rootbeer, planted potatoes, and ate dirt!"

Guyser, showing his t-shirt that matches the big green tractor!

Putting many miles on his Grampa's tricycle.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is that my muscles I hear screaming??

Today, after lunch, the Guyser and I took a bikeride to get the mail. Sounds simple enough. But let me explain. The mailbox is a mile away. Literally. No joking. That isn't that far of a bikeride, I realize. But then add a bike cart, and a 30-something pound toddler to the mix, AND a hill, that from afar doesn't look steep, but believe me, it is. Yeah, I am going to feel it tomorrow. The ride, on top of my husband's idea of "Let's go pick rock!" is leaving my muscles a bit tired, and I know come tomorrow morning, I will be groaning and looking for ibuprofen! But, the Guyser must have liked the bike ride, because he was sound asleep by the time we got back home. I figure if I do this 6 days a week, I will be in good shape soon!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big Day

It is a big day in our house. The Babe, who from now on will be referred to as the Guyser, got switched to a big-guy bed!! No more crib jumping for him! He "helped" put it together, and took his nap in it already. Pretty big day around here!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Getting settled

We got back to the farm last night, after spending Easter weekend with Dad. It was a good weekend. The weather was really nice, and we were able to help Dad out with the never-ending yard work that exists back home. It was kind of sad for me to see, physically, that my dad is aging. Here was the man who would go go go go go.. but these days, it is rake a bit, sit a bit. I think his knee bothers him more than he lets on, (typical Norwegian!) and I wish he would get it fixed... but thats for him to decided I guess.

It is rainy and cold out here today. A big pheasant was taking refuge under the lilac bush, outside the window. I am finding place for most of our stuff. The rain, and a dream about Mom is making for a dreary day for me. Maybe I will settle in with a cup of joe and my new Patricia Cornwell novel...

Oh, left the digital camera at Dads.. it will be a few days before pictures. Sorry!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Coming soon...

It has been a whirlwind of a last couple weeks. We have been living out of suitcases since the first of the month and it is finally settling down. Soon there shall be pics and commentary!