Friday, November 30, 2007


Why is it when men wear flannel, say out to dinner, we are supposed to consider it "stylish." But if we choose to wear it to bed, it is "dowdy" or "frumpy"... as to say, "we've let ourselves go...."
Seems a bit ironic.
Discuss amongst yourselves....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thoughts on Parenting

My Dad was here for Thanksgiving and we were sitting watching TV. A commercial came on for a parenting hotline, I think it was from Girls Town/Boys Town... one of these, "Not sure how to handle this situation, call the hotline for parenting tips." My Dad slowly looks at me with this dumbfounded look and says, "Are parents these days that unsure of what to do, they need to call a HOTLINE for advice?!?!" My thoughts exactly, Dad.

I explained to Dad that there is all this advice out there, you could read yourself to death on the "proper" way to interact/discipline your child and it gets to a point you become confused because next week, you'll be out of touch with your kids, because you were using last week's advice. I think we have become a society of being so worried about doing the "right" thing for our kids, we have lost the ability to use common sense. I think about the Hubby's grandpa who has lived to be 94. His parents did not have a hotline to call regarding him. Our parents somehow survived childhood.... Its not that I don't think there have been some major knowledge gained in the areas of mental health/psychology. Stoicism is best left to the "Greatest Generation." I am all for feeling emotions, expressing them, and validating them. But seriously, a Hotline? Granted there are situations I would reach out for advice...sure I'm all about that. But this commercial was a discipline question. I know this will get flack, but they are KIDS. And by that I mean, there needs are pretty simple, keep them fed, love them, give them boundaries, keep them safe... the more and more needs they require is probably a result of needs we have programmed them to think they need. Really, how much can we overthink this all? And maybe that is where Dad was coming from... He had five kids, thirteen grandkids and one great grandbaby.... I don't think he can understand how we should need "experts" to tell us what to do with our kids... And I guess I see where he is coming from.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I am doing a home show for my jewelry on thursday. (if you don't know what I am talking about, click on the "dianidesigns" link to the right). I like these shows. People are interested in what I bring, its casual and intimate and I usually do pretty well. I am just stressed though. I have been trying to make beads, assemble jewelry, make more beads, I wanted a video made to show what I did (thank you Hubby for almost completing this task for me) and get ready. Baby girl has been SO cranky.. her damn teeth need to come through on the bottom... I was up 4 or 5 times last night, and considering I didn't go to bed until 11:30, thats not good.... Its just hard, because I can't really do any assembly until the kids are in bed, b/c the Guyser loves to "help" bead.... small beads and 3 year olds don't mix. And I tell ya, if the damn cats chase each other and jump on my beading table and "peel out" (for lack of better terminology) ONE MORE TIME, they are going to be kenneled!!!!!! I went down there this morning and teeny tiny beads all over the floor....aaargh!!!!!! Anyway, I just feel like I have 83,000 things to do before thursday, and I can't think straight....

If i get a moment (ha!) I will post a pic of some of the cool stuff I have assembled. My work definately has become sweeter with age... and practice.

Friday, November 16, 2007

A totally ripped off idea

I was reading an article in Woman's Health magazine about some woman who make a calender every year with her 12 most delicious celebrities in it. Weirdly, Josh Duhamel was one of them, and yes, when I was 15 and he sat (sat with a mighty fine sitter) in front of me in Algebra, he was in my (and a couple hundred other girls in my high school's) top 12 too... but not now.....

Anyway, I have decided to post my "yummy" list. My eye candy list. My "he could eat crackers in my bed" (thank you Barbara Mandrell for that hit song lyric) list.... This is a total regression to 8th grade. The equivalent of a doodley heart covered notebook, but I don't care. So here is my celebrity crush list: (As many as my small memory brain can come up with in the next 7 minutes)

SAM ELLIOT. *rawrr!!* Older, distinguished, gravely voice and cowboyish... Him in that duster coat in Tombstone.... mmm...
MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. I have found him yummy since "Dazed and Confused." Before he was really anyone. Love the chiseled jaw.
MATT DAMON. This is a no-brainer because when the hubby loses weight, and thus loses his jowels, he lookes a helluva like this years Sexiest Man Alive
JOHNNY DEPP. He is that dark mysterious type. Same goes for JOAQUIN PHOENIX
JOHNATHAN RHYS MEYERS. If you are reading this and know why, then you know why.
TOM HANKS. Not that I find him sexy, but funny, sincere. He would be a "I'd like a date with" kind of guy.
BRAD PITT. How can you not be a red blooded American woman and not find him dreamy.
KING GEORGE, as in GEORGE STRAIT. Cowboy, rugged, could sing me to sleep anytime....yup....
Is that it? I can't remember any more, so there may be some amendments to the list as I remember....

So as I sit here surrounded by clean laundry that needs folding and toys strewn about with Little Einsteins droning on in the background, I will think of my list and smile....

a thought

so there is a Beowulf movie coming out.
as if reading it in high school english wasn't painful enough....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Am I really this *old*

We had a babysitter the other night so we could attend a dinner. One of the surgeons spent 3 months in Afghanistan and had an amazing talk with pictures.... made me cry. But that isn't the point of this post, so I won't digress... (*note* I used a big girl word!! :) We use "B" quite a bit to babysit. She is responsible, a high school senior, has already taken a bunch of classes at the community college. Yeah, she has let The Guyser eat too much crap in the past, but oh well, he is alive and the toys are picked up when we get home, so it works. The thing is, I just find myself thinking about her after she leaves. See, I never feel that *old.* I don't feel much more than in my early 20's. I can vividly remember being 17 or 18, like her. What I was doing, thinking... what I was doing that I shouldn't have been doing. And then I think about "B" and think, she's so YOUNG! That is why she lets the Guyser fill all the cat food bowls with food, including the water bowl, and underneath the exersaucer...... What was she doing? Probably talking on the phone. I know I did. Its just that sometimes I get a side glimpse of my face in the mirror and notice those crows feet are becoming a bit more pronounced or that there are getting to be a couple pucker wrinkles around my mouth....I am not complaining I am old, that isn't it... its just the realization that the people I used to babysit for, when I was her age, were probably younger than I am now!! Its the fact that those "cool" old teachers we had in high school, were probably younger or the same age as I am now.... its just a weird realization. I love who I am , and who I have become. I am so thankful I survived my teens and would never return to them. Its just weird to have experienced the progression from "Miss" to "Ma'am"....

My newest mission

I have realized my blog has become lame. Gee here are some more pictures. The thing is, I used to write... a lot. I used to write poetry (probably bad poetry, who knows) I could write the socks off any kind of essay that needed writing in college.. I had a talent for words, composition... know I have a competency for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I DO have profound thoughts, really I do. They just usually occur to me in the 33 seconds of quiet before I fall asleep. I need to write more. I have witty (or at least I think they are witty) thoughts and the whole point of this blog was a chance for me to use my big girl words. It has gotten away from that. And so dear readers, all 4 1/2 of you, I will try to post more than pictures. More for my own sake than yours, really, but know I have written it, and can be reminded that my blog sucks, if it becomes a online photo album again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gee, I've posted pictures again....

JoBeani and I when she was visiting....
The Guyser racing his Lego car at LegoLand

Baby girl with EARS!!! TOO CUTE!

Check out my bubble beard!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Baby Girl Swimming!
I'm a duck!


Time flies.....

It has been forever since I have posted anything. I find my days fly by and maybe I get 2 of the dozen things done, that I wanted to get done. Over the past couple weeks, a lot has happened. I lost a friend from high school, due to a heart attack. 33 and a heart attack. Takes away your breath. You'll be missed Bram. You taught the world so much.

We spent the weeked with some friends last weekend. They were residents last year and now he has a "real" job. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. The kids played and played and we got a small glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. In a year and a half, we will finally (at 35) own a house and will hopefully not have to move for a long time! It was a great time. We also stayed at a hotel and took Baby Girl swimming. She loved it!

Halloween came and the Guyser was a big lion. Until that night, he had refused to put on the hood. I made the costume, and of course on Halloween afternoon, he picks up the pattern and says, "No not a lion, a MONKEY!!" Yeah... put the lion costume on kid. Anyway, he had a good time and his girlfriends were a lioness and Elmo.

My glass guru JoBean came and spent the last couple days with me. She came to see the Baby Girl because all she has in her life is grandsons. So Baby Girl is extra special to her. It was so wonderful to see her. She hadn't seen Teddy since he was 3 months old. He loved her. It has just been crazy busy, and that is my excuse. I will try to be better at posting! I would post pictures, but I guess its not working right now......