Thursday, May 20, 2010


The other day I was hanging clothes on the line. The sun shone in my face and the bird, a mourning dove (not a morning dove, as the hubby clarified...) sang. I felt this strange connection to my mother at this moment. Maybe it was standing, doing a task that I had witnessed her countless times doing. A chore, a domestic duty required of her. At that moment I felt that as she did this task, she too was probably filled with thoughts, considerations, maybe even doubts of her role as a mother, a wife, a friend. Not that I am assuming she felt resentful or anything... just that being in that moment, being surrounded by simple beauty of nature and hanging size 6 pants with holey knees and worn out cuffs, I am sure she pondered life, just as I did. As I clipped the little mermaid jammies on the line, I contemplated where I have been, what I have learned, and where life is yet to take me. It is strange how in the most obscure moments, I can feel so deeply connected.